Mission: Backyard Oasis

As I do not have a backyard of my own at this point, I will be taking a lot of time this summer to turn my father’s backyard into an oasis! Dream projects include:

  • Dog Pen
  • Covered Pergola with vining flowers
  • Grotto
  • Grill Area
  • Tree House
  • Living fences
  • Root Cellar
  • Wallpini

A preview of the yard so far:

My sister and I have filled fifty lawn and leaf bags so far, and I dug a hole to start composting. Next year we can build up a raised garden bed to replace it, hopefully with a native fruit tree! We found the tires and old trailer in the woods behind! Stay tuned for progress and project updates!



Apartment Browse + DTSS?


Hello all, big questions for you guys!!! Are you down to seed swap? Do you have plants that you are capable of propagating and would like to share!? I can answer yes to both of those questions! A list below contains what I’m looking for, let me know what you have and are looking for, and we can have a good trade! 🙂 Working on growing all of my food in containers!!

Also a brief tour of some of my favorite spots in my apartment

And of course my darling, Bones! 😊


Funemployment Goals

If you’re not happy, something needs to change. Your life, your perspective. Change it, bcause no one is going to do this for you. It is so important to remove any negativity, no matter how much you think you are reliant on whatever it may be.

I guess my biggest hesistation with blogging is that I don’t really like to talk about myself, I tend to submerse myself in other people’s shit and try to find a way to help them fix their problems before all of my own. I am commited to being fully self sustaining and reliable, and this blog and it’s social media outlets will be a reflection of the progress.

I think my coffee is showing trace amounts of basil dish soap.

Alas, the focus for start will be on a few areas;

A Budget : I’ve written out where I need my money to go time after time, the main issue is the ability to stick to it. I love reckless spending, let me tell you!

Overall Wellness :

  • Food: I’ve been doing a lot of research on essential nutrients, and want to shift to the mindset of food as fuel. I would not define myself as following a particular diet, but my beliefs tend to most closely align to paleo or vegan recipes.
  • Fitness: I am absolutely uninterested in going to the gym. I am very interested in being fit from a naturally active lifestyle, ie: yoga, biking, hiking, hula hooping, ice skating

Move towards sustainability : I would really love to build a community homestead in the future, for now I’m working on ways to make my city apartment self reliant. My father also just bought a house, so I plan to spend a lot of time there progressing the land.

A capsule wardrobe + thriving secondhand shop : I am not fully satisfied with my wardrobe at this point, but going shopping never seems to make my goth dreams come true. I have a sewing machine and plan to only modify and create moving forward. I have an online thriftshop at vinted, where I sell all kinds of awesome secondhand finds from my closet, and the closets of my friends and family.